Resilience in 2020
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Monday, May 18, 2020
By Jenn Hoffmann Photography
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2020, what a year huh? Covid, the economy and now the Murder Hornets?  We are living in some crazy times!

Since the "Shelter in Place" went in to effect in California, I have been hunkered down at home with my family.  I've put my photography business on hold as it was not deemed "essential" and have waited for the restrictions to be lifted. Fortunately, Contra Costa County is now beginning to allow outdoor sessions following social distance guidelines (along with some other limitations)  Yay!  

So for me, that means I can start booking:

I will first schedule all of the sessions that have been paid and put on hold.  From there, I will start a very limited calendar and book more as we continue to open back up.  Unfortunately, because I do newborn sessions in home (and with the sheer nature of posing/cuddling) I am not booking those as of yet.

While I have been on a shooting hiatus, I've had the pleasure of creating special images for some incredible 2020 Graduates.  These are my 2020 Milestone/Graduation Silhouette images and they have been wildly popular!  Silhouettes by nature, are created in dim light with light (in this case a sunset) behind the subject.  To me, these are incredibly representative of the times we are in.  These graduates have lost out on so much and may be feeling dark, hopeless and disheartened.  But as the sun sets, comes the promise of light and a new day... a new journey, new hopes and new dreams.  I wish nothing but the best for this special group of "kids" who no doubt are incredibly resilient and strong.

Do you have a High School Graduate?  Or a child being promoted from 5th or 8th grade?  Know a loved one who is graduating college?  These aren't limited to just graduates..... I'd love to create an image for your special person leaving one grade behind and moving on to the next.  

Follow this link to purchase-

I look forward to hearing from you!  Stay safe and healthy!



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Jenn Hoffmann - Hi Shannon! You can follow this link to purchase-
Shannon Stoller - Interested in silouette!?
Jenn Hoffmann - Hi! Yes, I’d love to create something for you! You can follow this link to purchase-
Congratulations to your grad! ❤️
Arturo - I’m interested in a photo session for my son’s graduation ‍